Sunday, March 16, 2008

a couple up-dates:

moving to Step Two this week. it's been a refreshing two weeks working under the umbrella of Step One but it's time to move on. sanity awaits...

this week has been such a delightful one, filled with friends, children, struggles and celebrations. i feel as though God is beginning to take control of things again. i'm beginning to feel so much more free to live! yesterday i stopped by target in running our errands to try on fancy skirts because i shaved my legs for the first time in months. it was then that i realized that i'm still not okay, but i'm not crying every time i walk into a department store and i haven't gone back to where i was in 2002. i'm at peace with this - progress, not perfection. if there just wasn't so much chocolate and so many plastic eggs... too much stimulation.

in other new:

jake went on a man date yesterday and came home muddy.

the reason i love saturday mornings in chicago:
went out with some girlfriends for a movie and some tea.

went and spent close to an hour and a half here, touching, smelling, strolling and enjoying.

our congregation has been featured two times in the recent weeks.
spent a little cash to begin a project much like this. while there it was such a delight to take my time a touch the fabrics, wrap the ribbons and watch a class of four women and one old man learn how to knit in a sponsored knitting class.

having some "never-met-but-feel-kindred-already" friends over this afternoon for some tea & muffins. this is seeming to be a trend lately in our home and i feel as though it's a healthy one.

we cannot stop breaking our fasts here.

and lastly - our breakfast nook

i bought these (tulips) from an amazing garden blooming (in Home Depot) where i spent at least twenty minutes touching tulip, daffodil, and hyacinth pedals and smooth, rigid, prickly leaves and stems. it's spring! Thanks Rachel & Diana/Ruben for the other life giving clippings.

as we are making cookies for our dinner with some neighbors this later afternoon, i quote jake, "my favorite things all together: pretzels with peanut butter, chocolate chip, dark chocolate M&M cookie dough! Yummmmm!"


Indian Lake Papa said...

I'm glad you wrote this Jess - It would bother me a little if Jake was shaving his legs (He doesn't does he?).

Love you guys and pray for you as well!

Robin said...

Love is coming at you from here...

Must admit those cookies do sound good...but is there any oat bran in them - haha

You are both in my thoughts and prayers!

So Jessica, any special plans for Saturday? Happy Early (I just caught a mistype - I said earthly instead of early - hmmm it still fits) Birthday! Wish I could make you some strawberry cake :) I could make it and eat it in your honor :)

cory said...

uhhgh, soul rasping sound. i just read Christa's Diwali that you linked to. i really appreciate you guys opening my eyes to that world. i still haven't dealt with things upon coming back... but you are. and that provides hope.

Robin said...

Hey Jessica,

Something funny happened last night with the kids and I put it in my latest post along with some more serious business.

Praying for you! Oh and I'm pretty sure I am making you a strawberry cake and I will let you know how it was :) Next time you are in town I will make you a belated birthday cake.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you guys are having fun. Yes, spring is just around the corner, but still no warm weather. Sue picked up some flowers last week at Horrocks. It does make it feel more like spring. We haven't been to Cracker Barrel since last night WE MISS YOU JESSICA. The great and friendly service you gave us is missing. We wish you a Happy Easter and the BEST THAT LIFE HAS TO OFFER IN 2008 AND BEYOND.