Monday, February 18, 2008

three day weekend in michigan.

because we are citidiots a majority of the time, we indulge on three-day weekends and make our way to our beloved friends and family. this past weekend we headed north.

my dreams are with these colors.

A thousand mountains. Flying birds vanish. Ten thousand paths. Human traces erased. One boat, bamboo hat, bark cape -- an old man. Alone with his hook. Cold river. Snow.
- Liu Zongyuan

mom making first grade lesson plans with white socks examining the occasional stranger.

jake & dad snow-shoeing together, which jake describes as "perfect."

springs promise.

garage summer treasures.

deer tracks dancing around the backyard compost pile.


after an evening and afternoon with my parents we headed north to spend an evening with our kindred friends, Rene & Richard + two. after a two night stay following an ice/rain/snow storm Rene and I stood amazed to see that Richard & Jake were still around and still committed. as Richard told Jake, "I've been around for ten years with them together, you have to get away when you can."

Little G, our little Indian child, squatting & watching.

cooking fun.

beautiful Little M.


we took the long way home down the lake michigan coastline. toward St. Joseph we snuck in to a deeply wooded city park and began a hopeful walk down the lake.

yet, after a number of deep ice cliffs and sweeping snow banks with cold winds biting at our ears & noses and no end in sight due to the frozen shallow seas, we headed back to the crystallized ginger and cinnamon covered almonds to keep us company.


Indian Lake Papa said...

Life is so precious! Hang on and enjoy the ride! Pictures are precious!

Robin said...

What a great get-a-way :) Love the picture of you and Jake - actually love them all :)

Indian Lake Papa said...

When I saw the "homestead" pictures I thought of the wedding not so long ago "Wild Thing"! Did you ride motorcycle in the snow? :o) That was a special day.

cory said...

jess, you look very much like the first picture i saw of you, i think.

and i know what jake's face is doing under the scarf.

Anonymous said...

Wow!!!! Those kids are just BEAUTIFUL...and so are you two. P.S. we had a lot of fun!!! Come back anytime, you were a joy to have, we are so blessed to have people like you in our lives.

R & R Gracie and Amelia