Monday, February 04, 2008

Strange Local Flags

Laundry day in the DeBoni/Rozga household means throwing everything in a bucket of detergent, rinsing it in the tub, and hanging it in the kitchen.


Anonymous said...

you really wash everything by hand? you consistently put me to shame. beth

Jake and Jessica said...

No shame implied.

I was just looking for an excuse to post a picture of my wifes underwear.

We wash everything in the bucket except for sheets, blankets and other very large things that are either annoying or very difficult to wring out.

That being said, we also wear things MANY times before we wash them. Laundry can be minimalised. And we are cheap.

jess said...

and - may i be so bold to say - we dont have a washer & dryer in our home NOR do we have three young children all under the age of three. wow. if anything, we are put to shame by our cheapness!

Robin said...

Cheap is good!

Daniel is having a tough time today - please keep him and Mark and Laura in your prayers.

Also pray for Joan who is dealing with Chemo right now.


Love ya,

Rachel said...

I thought those were underwear.

Can it match my Ecuadorian Panty Tree?

Indian Lake Papa said...

Are any of those Jakes ??

Rachel said...

the pink ones

Anonymous said...

Exactly 'how many times' does one wear a pair of underwear without washing them... I know of two sides... Have you discovered a new way of maneuvering them so as to get a crack at all sides?

I love you guys!

jess said...

crack at all sides - well aren't you the witty one.