Friday, July 06, 2007

One of the many "dichotomies" which I have recently struggled with throughout this past year is large commercial "christian" (not capitalized and in quotes for a reason) music. How honoring it is to Christ to sell millions of albums of music which should be free for ALL the nations to hear regardless of income, language or ethnicity? How much money is spent on christian albums that might better be used for alternative givings? How much time and energies go into preparing, conducting and attending christian music concerts that is stealing time away from us which would be better spent loving our neighbors?

Although I understand that there can and often are a number of most wonderful experiences to come from commercially mass-produced music, I am not quite sure I support it anymore as an industry. I don't know. The reasons are a bit too much to discuss right now BUT the reason I wanted to bring this up at this moment is because at this time I am completely going against what I am coming to believe and suggesting that you kindly watch this video.

During such a time as this...

Thank you Robin.


Robin said...

I hear you... I have struggled with that same thing for years and not just with music, but with books, trinkets, CANDY????, and more. It feels more like a money maker than a ministry sometimes. I'm actually quite impressed with a Christian author that I discovered last spring - Randy Alcorn. You can check out his web site at or his blog at He donates the proceeds of his books to different causes like the persecuted church or Joni and Friends and other ministries - very cool. I'm not sure how he makes his living though?? He also says on his website that he wants people to take and use his materials for free because he is more concerned with sharing Jesus that making money. I like that a lot. His ministry is called Eternal Perspectives Ministries. Reading his books has helped me to look beyond today and think more about eternity. Jake and Jessica you are both going to have a lot to place before Jesus when the time comes and you are going to shine like gold! Thanks for all you do for God's children and for our world! Thanks also for giving us lots to process and think about - we NEED that...

Love you both!


"And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him." Colossians 3:17

Robin said...


One more in-laws are in town to watch a baseball game with another of their grandchildren and they wanted to take my kids to see it and keep them at their hotel for the evening... So I had my first night with neither of my children - it was SO quiet. I didn't know what to do with myself... After moping a little while... I decided to tackle the humongous PILE of papers on my desk and I came across several cards from you that just made my day all over again. I treasure you and your friendship Jessica! Thank you! Thank you for being you, the person God made you to be! Thank you for challenging me and for loving and accepting me too. You are amazing!



Indian Lake Papa said...

In a few minutes I will go to the "Prayer Cottage" here at Indian Lake. I have been having morning devotions there. I like the brief time I can share quietly with Jesus. I have some very specific "urgent" requests that Him and I talk about. I was asked last night by a concert promoter if I was going to a concert tonight. I am not, too much commercialism, not enough Jesus. Pray for me. Jesus, it is just fine to rain on me.

Indian Lake Papa

Robin said...

Hi Jake and Jessica,

Brianna got baptized today! We are heading off for her first camp experience tomorrow. Pray that God speaks to her and she listens and obeys. Pray for me as I will be a counselor and that my eyes, ears and heart are opened to the needs of the children and that I may have the opportunity to lead some precious children to Christ.

Hope you are having a good time visiting.



cory said...

thanks for making me feel less evil. i don't have to like Carmen to love God. (but i probably do have to love Carmen...)