Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sorry we have been out of touch. Just no time to update, but no worries, we will be in the US soon... the land of unlimited internet and expensive mass-transit.

Tonight we take off from Bangkok to go enjoy a nice 12 hour lay-over in Korea. From Korea we hop the Pacific to LA where we have less time than we probably need to make the transition to a Southwest flight to Chicago.

Hope everyone is doing well, and we will post some pictures and further stories in a few days.

USA-bound Jake and Jess


BamFam said...

Hey we're also in the land of large vehicles and cheap clothing. If by chance you happen to be in Lafayette from the 13th of July to the 16th or in chicago the night of the 16th it would be very cool to catch up with our most traveled friends (well we only know Jake but we feel like we know Jessica a little). Shoot us an email if you like.


Anonymous said...

you may as well have said 'catch a flight to the Stipps' because that is how we see it.

Anonymous said...

p.s. please don't miss that flight.

cory said...

...the land of cheap meat and expensive vegetables?

Indian Lake Papa and Mama said...

Have a safe trip - you are in our prayers!

Indian Lake Papa & Mama

Anonymous said...

Happy travels friends!


Anonymous said...

Welcome home again!


Robin said...

I guess you are back in the USA now... I hope you have a great time visiting. Brianna and I are heading off to camp on July 9th and she is getting baptized (same place as you Jessica) at Pastor's pool.

Love ya,