Sunday, June 17, 2007

shaping rice patties.
pruning orange trees.
picking weeds from ginger fields.
enduring the giggles of Burmese women.
drinking gallons of soy milk.
itching bug bites.
cussing at biting red ants.
laughing with each other without a common language.
delighting in the tastes of Lisu foods.
aching knees.
swollen fingers.
evenings in the hammock.
resting with one another.

jake calls it the farmers life.
i call it delight.

we forgot our camera today.
will up-date later with pictures.

tomorrow we are heading up to Nan.
the 26th we coming back to the States for 1 month.

with much love, gratitude and blessings of peace - thank you.


Indian Lake Papa said...

Won't be long and you will be "home" and yet - where is "home"? Life has been good to you both!

God Bless!

Indian Lake Papa

hajoundrebecca said...

hey jake and jessica**
good to read you're having a good time. blessings!!
we're in Hamburg at the moment, our new hometown, still looking for a place to stay, feels good...
hey, have a good trip back to the US and a GOOD time there :-)
love, rebecca***

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the journey as much as you can, but remember this world is not our home we are only passing through. You two are terrific human beings - God smiles as you minister in His name and share His love with a dying world.

Love ya,


cory said...

Moha (my dad) says if you should happen to fly over Morocco on the way back, you should probably yell out the window.

that, and that Meryum sure was wire-a while Ya'aqoub silently picked up everything.