Saturday, February 17, 2007

I'm married to an Alpha.

But he has one heck of a Beta if I say so myself.

- Jess

P.S. I'm still planning to write more one day. Thanks for praying with us, laughing beside us and enjoying the beauty surrounding us. We are grateful!


Anonymous said...

Wow, it's almost the same article you posted yesterday. Your should diversify your reading choices.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica and Jake,
We keep up on your journey be reading your news letters. It is difficult to imagine the sickness and poverty in our world when we see the money being wasted in war, food we waste etc. Keep up the good work and hope to see you two soon.
You are in our prayers (LOVE YA)
Larry and Sue

We keep Cracker Barrel informed of your progress and stories.

Anonymous said...

Cute Jessica :) Love ya,