Friday, February 09, 2007

the good news is that feet are still ticklish, smiles are still present, bandages are still being changed, the onions in the garden are still growing, chai still is served two times a day, laughter is still being heard all over, old men are still crazy, children are still even more insane and the men... well, they're still men.

the bad news is, there isn't any yet.


Indian Lake Papa said...

Never sure what to say, not even in my prayers at time. But God knows my heart and what needs to be done before I pray. He always meets our needs.

Indian Lake Papa

Anonymous said...

You made me smile with that does go on here (earth) until it ends and then begins again in eternity.

Love you guys!


Jonathan Andrew Wolter said...


I just read all the last 20 or so posts. I'm so glad you take the time to blog.

Quite a bit has changed since Purdue eh? Keep up the amazing work.


jennnnnn and tommmmmmm said...

hey dudes, we are steadfast in prayer and thinking of you mucho. we'll be in touch. thank you for keeping us up to date. we keep checkin' back. we love you!