Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A story of death; life marches on.

There is so much to say that I struggle to find the words to even begin. So much happens every day that I can't even remember it all, let alone find a way to describe it.

Take last night for example. In Delhi a "rag-picker" found a dying woman on the side of the road. She is poor, sick, dying, and has 2 children with her. What does he do, he tries to call us at Sewa Ashram. See, just that name has come to be a holy word among those cast out and uncared for. They hear the words Sewa Ashram as a whisper of hope, love, care, and health.

Unfortunately for this man, for some reason he could not get through on the phone. So he grabs the woman and the children and brings them on the bus. The ride takes nearly 2 hours; the woman dies on the way. So he shows up here with a nameless dead street woman and 2 newly orphaned children. The police are there, and what do they do? Nothing. They stand there smoking their little cigarettes while this man tries to carry the dead woman and her two children from the road, along the alley, back to our door.

So what can we do? One of the children is about 1 year old, probably a little older since malnutrition always makes these kids look younger. The other child is about 15 days old. What do you do? Both are sick, both are malnourished. So we do what we do every time. We wrap up the body and stick it in the shade. We feed both of the children, clean them, wrap them up in blankets, and head back in to the streets in search of her husband, a relative, or anyone who knows who she is. We also take photos to the police and ask for assistance.

What can one person do in the face of this? It happens every day, thousands of times per day, to millions of people. Why even try?

The images shown here in this update have absolutely nothing to do with the story I just told you. Nothing except for the fact that every face here represents a person who came from circumstances such as this dead woman and her two kids. They all came from impossible lives that were spiraling downward to meet the doom of a million other poor people who die dismal deaths every day. The difference though was that one person decided to care, decided to do something for them. That is where this place came from. That is where all of these people came from.

In the face of millions of such horrors, what can just one person do? Nothing. But in the face of one persons horrors, they can give life. And if that is done, over and over, sacrificially giving and caring for those in need, before long you have hundreds, even thousands of faces of individuals pulled from death and disease, and placed into the arms of love and life.

It is what is being done here. It is what we are learning how to do.

What could be better?
Not for us, but for those that need it.


Anonymous said...

Keep learning, keep doing, keep loving, keep being Jesus to His precious children...


Anonymous said...

Thought of day...

"I am not a product of my past.
I am not a product of my environment.
I am not who other people say that I am.
I am who God says I am.
I am who God is calling me to be." --author unknown

Thank you both for being who God has called you to be...and inspiring the same in others.

Love, Robin

Indian Lake Papa said...

Jake -

I have a grandson from Western Siberia since 1999. He is almost 8 now. My daughter rescued 1 out of 10's of thousands - only 1. But he is the 1 that God intended for her to come home with that day. Do each day what God intends for you to do - no less, but maybe a little more! :o) Take good care of Jess = and yourself!

Indian Lake Papa