Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Failure to Thrive

Yes, I cut my hair.

No, we have not adopted them.

Yeah, they are amazing.

The children of the woman we wrote about yesterday. They have ear infections. The youngest is probably a month old, but barely knows how to suckle. The oldest is probably just over 1 year old, but doesn't know how to chew solid food. I think he has been fed only dal (stewed lentils) and chai his whole life. We are trying to teach him to eat.

BBC News - Child Nutrition Program Failing in India. Why? Because every one of the programs is created from the top down by "experts" who wouldn't know a real idea that might work if it jumped up and bit them. This type of education MUST be done from the ground up, based on personal relationships among peers, by people who are dedicated and integrated into the community. Otherwise, they will fail. And they do.

Jake and Jess


Indian Lake Papa said...


I have been predicting triplets from day one - but two is close enough!

Keep us posted how the little ones do!

Indian Lake Papa

BamFam said...

What a mixture of sad and happy you have there! Sad because of what those little ones came from but happy for where they have come to. It hits home because they are the age of our two little chooks. Its great to see Christ's authority over all nations asserted by you all serving there. We pray that the light of the gospel will flood that land and with it will come wisdom, justice and proper care for one's neighbor.


Anonymous said...

Sending my love and prayers!