Monday, May 30, 2011

It seems as though far too often I begin entires to this blog with, "it's been so long..." And yet - when you look at the last date we posted on this here website (Feb. 4th - 4 months ago!) you'll find that it has indeed been far too long.

But it's a good thing.

It's a good thing that we haven't felt tied to posting.

It's a good things haven't been too exciting.

It's a good thing that most of my writing has been directed here and that my time is filled elsewhere.

It's a good good thing.

And yet - just as the dust settles on our toes, we are up & at em' again.

"What? Didn't you and your family just move?"

Yes, yes we did.

And it has been a great great thing.
Since moving here over six months ago we have been given such life-giving gifts.

Through the Beckley Mommies group I have met some truly wonderful women who share in their desire to love their children fully and sharing life with one another in ways I was not familiar with. Listening to their life stories has taught me how to be a better mom, how to engage as a caretaker & how to love my husband wildly.

We've enjoyed our time with Beckley Presbyterian. It was quite a process to find a church/spiritual community in that we don't necessarily "fit" well. We're awkward, let's admit it. Yet - the associate pastor and a few other women have truly embraced us with love, hospitality & extreme kindness. For their willingness to welcome us so graciously, we are overwhelmingly grateful.

The YMCA & Public Library have also been such wonderful places for us to emerse ourselves within the community, listen & engage in conversations with others and allow ourselves to learn from their lives, their stories, their shared words.

Carpenter's Corner - where we find church. I cannot speak highly enough of the work, love & generosity demonstrated though Carpenter's Corner. Time with them has been a window into what Jesus looks like. We look forward to our time there each week and will miss them all dearly.

And the mountains. How we have loved living in the mountains.
We have learned a lot about ourselves & each other here as well.

We have slowed down.

Taken time.

Rested. Opened up. Listened.

Come to know God.

Our time in Beckley has truly been a gift.

Now the time has come to dust off those toes and clean up those feet because we're off once again.

We're ready to settle for a time. We're ready to live in community again. Grow roots. Join forces.

We're heading north. Toward family. Toward like-minded communities. Toward where we feel as though Jesus would most like for us to be during this season of our lives.

We're feeling very much at ease with this decision to move upward and onward, toward family & friends. This feels right for the "now".

Jake has accepted an offer from a hospital in Grand Rapids, MI and on June 23rd we are packing up and heading out.
Already we are excited about what's before us. Anticipating with great excitement what God has paved the way with. We're ready!

It's with sorrow that we will leave the few good friends we have made during our time here but with deep gratitude we look forward to keeping in touch and continuing to learn from you, our Southern friends. We have learned a lot from and about you. You have been a part in teaching us more about ourselves and about the love of Jesus. Thank you.

We'll miss the mountains, this house, our community and garden (let us mourn for the garden left behind) but are filled with a deep for our home to come.
Beckley - Thank you for the last six months of a life lived well.

Grand Rapids - We look forward to meeting you soon.


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Jacob McCann said...

Wow. I just followed, and haven't had the chance to catch up on everything you have to say. But so far, I've found your blog profound. Your writing moved me, and I eagerly await more from you. You've been around for a while on this site, which I deeply respect. More power to you, can't wait to hear more!

Susan Ward said...

Hello, I've just come upon your blog from my blog (Standing still slowly). I've done a quick scroll down and will be coming back to read more. I love all the shoe pictures and the imagery from them....
Enjoy your day - and your travels!

david morris said...

Hi Jake and Jess, found your blog by accident. It has been 5 years since we shared Thanksgiving lunch at the Cafe Fes in Midelt. We were thinking and talking about you two the other day. We sold our house in Morocco last year and now live in the Houston area where we do some work with the homeless.
David and Gay Morris