Thursday, July 29, 2010

A quick taste of life.
Together we have had some beautiful moments over the past two weeks. Here is a quick taste of some of the goodness we have had as we wait with anticipation for our little one to make its way into the world.

the fruits of many laborers who welcome us so wonderfully at the Oak Park farmers market. i cannot say enough wonderful things about this community market.
two weeks ago jake & i spent the morning picking blueberries on our way to visit his parents. Indiana berries aren't bad, but they simply are not MI blueberries.
part of my summer responsibilities include making sure that little kids from our program get off to norman b. barr camp (who offers us this service for free!) alright and arrive home safely. last year was our first year taking this chance and a tradition it has become! due to scheduling, we were unable to attend last year. this year though - with our summer programming changing dates Jake and I were able to head up north for a couple of days to spend time with kids and wake to a sunrise like this on our four year anniversary.
although you can't tell depth here - know that jake's hands were struggling to get around this growing little one inside.
the following afternoon my parents surprised us with a quick visit to Glen Ellyn on their way home from KS. ladies & gentleman, if you are ever in Glen Ellyn and have a hankering for some sweet treats and supporting a community based organization - make your way to Bells & Whistles Snackery. it will be worth the stop.
lastly, we had the gift of welcoming so many wonderful friends into our home the last few weeks before we officially become three. a special treat through was delivered in the package of Mrs. Bowen and Jess (more about Jess and her amazingness coming soon)!
we also have had some very unwanted guests as well!
tomato caterpillars -
you have no home here!


Indian Lake Papa said...

Love your pics Jessica - praying all is going well!

Indian Lake Papa said...

I think its now time for new pictures!! Pictures of Yael Marie!!

Rachel said...

One week ago all this was true. NOW WHAT?

Ashley & Mike N. said...

We have tomato caterpillars too!!! I was so excited when I found out they turn into American Swallowtail butterflies...but then when I realized they were getting out tomatoes, parsley AND carrots, I had to put my game face on and send them packing. Can't wait to see you two!!!!!