Sunday, January 24, 2010

so i have this beautiful cousin.

so i have this beautiful cousin who does beautiful things in the world to make the world a little... well, a little more beautiful. you can follow her work on the Harambee Arts Blog or at real deal web-site: Harambee Arts.

In case you need a quick synopsis before you head on over to their web-site, we have one for you!

Harambee Arts: Let's Pull Together partners with African grassroots programs to train local caregivers to provide art programs for vulnerable children in an environment that fosters their sense of joy, creativity and exuberance. Through its arts programs, Harambee Arts strives to promote the well-being of homeless, orphaned and other neglected children, enhance the stability of their families and support systems, and develop their sense of self-worth and positive personal ethics by creating opportunities for children to help other children.

Really, you should trust us on this one - take time and check it out: Harambee Arts

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