Wednesday, October 07, 2009

a trip to take in the recyclables:

a. package up recyclables on the back porch.
b. get shoes out and go down the front stairs, lock door.
c. walk down a block or so to get the car, hop in.
d. drive the car to the back of the lot, jump out.
e. open the back gate and pull car onto car parking pad, park car.
f. jump out of the car, go back and lock the back gate.
g. walk around the side of the house to enter in through the front door that must first be unlocked, and then locked once more after entering and closing the door.
h. go up the front stairs, through the apartment and into the back porch.
i. take three arms full of recyclables down the flight of back stairs, out the back door, which must be promptly shut so Irene's cats won't escape (note: this looks like this - take an arm full of goods down stairs, set on staircase, open the back door, pick up the goods from stair case and walk through door, set down goods on the outside concrete slab, shut the stubborn and often times stuck door, pick up goods and take them to the car trunk).
j. did i say do this three times?
k. go up the back porch stairs one last time, lock the back door, walk up into the apartment, lock the back door that leads into our kitchen.
l. walk through the apartment, down the front stairs, around the side of the house and back to the car.
m. unlock and open the back gate that leads onto the parking slab
n. get in car and back it up off of the parking slab
o. get out of the car and go and shut the back gate
p. get back in car, drive four miles and drop off recyclables.


Rachel said...


PrincessMax said...


You can hand them off to me in small doses and I'll throw them in our recyclable dumpster.

But I love your commitment and your understanding of the absurd.

Jake and Jess said...

absurd - yes!
tired - not so much.
annoyed with the others obsession to lock and shut everything - most certainly.

amy said...

This sounds like my laundry experience. Doing laundry is a little less complicated but still involves locking and unlocking doors and me often forgetting my keys and having to run up and down 3 flights of stairs to go get them. I am not looking forward to laundry in the winter. I totally feel for ya...

Rachel said...

I meant tired of having to do all that crap with door closing and locking and cat sneering.

Jake and Jess said...

cat sneering will kill you (or leave you will cat pee on your bed and bits on your arm) - i stay away from her cats.

amy - welcome! laundry in the winter - i haven't even thought that far yet... ugh! i may just smell all winter. rachel, keep your comments to yourself :)

brian and beth said...

the cats is the worst part :)