Sunday, March 15, 2009

a couple photos from the last week.

so grateful for clear days without a cloud in the sky.

we love a little fungi in our home.
when i was young i use to think that these little bug tracks use to be old petroglyphs to tell me secrets no one knew. i now revel in ways which otherwise insignificant creatures mark their territory in such beautiful ways.first spring wild flowers.

i cannot get enough of the beauty inside grape stems. so much intricacy in such a small and insignificant form.

beautiful wet lichen.

last weekend we had the gift of hosting Cory for the rainy days.
beer, late nights (kinda), hookah, cheese & time = perfect weekend

our kitchen table in full bloom.
look at those iris' & succulents!

sweet blossoms.


cory said...

you all take such beautiful photos!

Jake and Jess said...

are you specifically talking about the one with you in it?

Rachel said...