Monday, October 13, 2008

This was a long, hard weekend. Hard in the way that you are tired after a long day of work that was worth doing. Not selling-potato-chips-hard, but building-a-home-for-your-family-hard.

Seeing the kids in America was unbelievable. Truly inconceivable. Heart wrenching. Mind blowing.

Little hands and feet once covered in street filth now clean and probing. Little eyes and faces that were once blank expressions of despondence and fright, now filled with inquisition, personality, love, love, love.

Flowers were treasures, water was a sustaining magic, sunlight was our food, and the wind was our breath.

Everywhere we turned this weekend, something tugged at us. New or old was irrelevant, life and wonder nibbled at parts of us that have been somewhat dormant in the emotional freezer that is Chicago.

We came here hoping to have a little time to recover, and unfortunately, recovery has involved forgetting.

"Never forget" we say, but still we forget.

We forget where we were. We forget the ones who left us behind.

And most painfully, we forget those we had to leave behind. Seeing these two here really hurt us because we had to leave behind someone we wanted to invite into our lives. He lives on, and so do we, but separately.

But not for these kids. Not for Sharon. They are together. A family. And a good one at that.

One day we will see what is in store for us.


cory said...

i am praying for that day. i'll be a day of overturning. in a guhd way.

Robin said...

What a time you must have had. My heart goes out to you. God has great plans for you... Keep trusting and following HIM!

Indian Lake Papa said...

J N J - you two are two of God's tools - We love you and your hearts!