Thursday, January 03, 2008

Christmas Delight + New Year's Snow

We have had such a delightful Christmas hanukkah. Beginning with packages in the mail form friends and family to nice long visits with parents and friends from out-of-town. We have had the opportunity to meet new neighbors, celebrate with older friends and come together under the same roof with many Beloved. Through it all we were not the most diligent in remembering our camera. Therefore, the photos are far, few and in between... but for those times in between...

A few days before Christmas some of the little ones came over to decorate cookies and bake muffins with us for the neighbors... it was an all day event and oh my were we ever exhausted! In the end though were smiling faces...

sprinkles that we were picking up on the bottoms of our bare feet for days (read: I'm not he most diligent home-maker)...

and frosting coating the rims of the sink, bridges of the doorways and smeared misterious masterpieces throughout the carpet to add to the beauty.

Christmas Eve we spent playing dominoes with Abuela and her 86 yr. old neighbor who triumphed over anyone in their path to victory. Filled to the brim with chicken, beans, rice and Rosa's delights we headed home to sleep only to wake and find these treasures under our palm tree: a new motorcycle helmet + toasty bathrobe for cold mornings. After our warm breakfast we headed back to the Navarro's for gifts only to make our way back into our home that afternoon for the Ortiz's + fam. to come over and open gifts as well.

Soon after they left, came back and left again Jake and I prepared a feast: spaghetti, fruit salad, green beans from this summer, rotisserie chicken (from Jewel - cornish hens were requested: I laughed at the request), pierogies + sourkraut, cranberry stuffing and a plate of sweets stolen from other neighbors. Together that afternoon into the evening we spent with Eddie at his home, eating, laughing and learning how to be present. Christmas was not without sorrow - our neighbor Nora was punched by her boyfriend over a T.V. and Hilda, who had a period of sobriety, went back to using once again. It was an honor to learn from Eddie on such a holy day how to be present, regardless of time or circumstance.

That evening in 35 degree weather we went for a nice long motorcycle ride and delighted in one another and the gifts we have been given by simply being able to celebrate in the birth of Christ with His most Beloved.

The weekend following my parents came to celebrate the birth of Christ with us by honoring us with many gifts, including Memory (which Jake and I played for far too long this evening). Thanks mom & dad - wish I had a better picture from this weekend to post but you have all the good ones :)

New Years Eve we headed to Indiana to spend the evening and following day with Grandma. With cheese, wine and a late night James Taylor tribute we brought in the new year only to be surprised the next day with over a foot of snow to awake and enchant us with.

Jake & Grandma

Tool shed

Grandma plowing

I've never had so much fun cleaning off a conglomeration of metal in my life.

Sneaking a peak at Grandma.

P.S. Christmas cards are still on the way - I just couldn't bring myself to send them out on time. I couldn't break tradition.


Indian Lake Papa said...

I love how you look at relationships! Life is wonderful when we cherish the people in our lives. Some of my best relationships came from "strangers" that Jesus has put along my path. I can remember our first meeting - at the campfire.

Robin said...

Hey Jake and Jessica,

Consider this your Christmas card :) I don't think I've mailed Christmas cards out to more than a few family members since before Joshua was born... Since he just turned 5 I don't think I can use him as an excuse anymore - haha Actually he's probably more of an excuse now than when he was a newborn since he and I spend so much time together and he's so all over the place. He comes up with the cutest things - and I'm so NOT biased :)

Merry Christmas! I'm glad you had a good time with family and friends.

I love the sprinkles on your feet line -made me smile :)

Love ya bunches!

Erin said...

big hugs and lots of love to you both

Anonymous said...


Love ya~

dana said...

Jake and Jess!

I got your Christmas card! Thanks! I loved it, and I love you!


P.S. Chris Smith and I are still planning a trip up there, we're working between both of our work schedules right now. =c)

Robin said...

Hi Jessica,

I recently read one of the missionary books about MKs and one part of the book made me think of you and your struggle when you got back to the states...The MK was overwhelmed by the selection of chips available and ended up leaving the store without them. When I read it I thought of you... We have so much...

Robin said...

Jake and Jessica,

I'm reading a book that makes me think of you guys :) Justice in the Burbs: Being the Hands of Jesus Wherever You Live by Will and Lisa Samson.