Tuesday, October 23, 2007

i got bit by a dog this afternoon.
first time in my life.
oh dogs.


Indian Lake Papa said...

Ouch! You okay? I got grabbed by the throat one time by a dog - got stitches! Maybe next time we get together we can compare scars! :o) After I got bit, (I was about 30) the owner said; "I need to get him fixed," I said; "maybe get his teeth taken out as well!" I vowed that if I ever got bit again I would make the owner take some serious responsibility for it. I would be concerned about kids who have contact with a dog that attacks and bites. As you can tell you have fired me up on a sensitive issue for me!

Indian Lake Papa - arf! arf!

Robin said...

Sounds like NOT a good time... How did it happen? Hope you are okay? Did you need stitches? Of course I have a gazillion other questions, but decided not to overwhelm you with them now.

Love ya bunches!

elle & josh said...

josh was bit by a dog for the first time last week, in florida, & i think it was actually on the exact same day as you! weird!