Saturday, April 14, 2007

A short but sweet up-date

We're off... after aprox. four months here at Sewa Ashram Jake and I are moving on. We have been showered with many blessings, challenges, periods of growth, pain, joy, laughter, silence, and just being during our time here. For that we are endlessly grateful.

Today we move on. We will first travel south by train to visit some friends and enjoy whatever else comes our way. Around the beginning of May we will then make our way north to Calcutta, by way of east coast railway and fly off to Bangkok, Thailand on May 7th.

We are looking forward to our time in Thailand as we plan on spending short periods of time with some friends, getting away on a deserted island for a week and WWOOFing our way through various organic farms.

What God's intentions are for us after that... only He knows... but as we are truly learning and experiencing the truth of Him "preparing the way." We are finding that "things" are slowly falling into place, opportunities are opening and the manifestations of His love and presence are more present than ever before.

Please keep in touch and visit our blog often. We anticipate that our time e-mailing will continue to grow shorter and shorter, therefore, time responses to e-mails may grow longer and longer. Please know that we think and often pray for each of you often. Your love, support, time, feedback, concern, interest and hugs are appreciated and acknowledged.

love - Jess (and the cute guy often found beside me)


Anonymous said...

I'm so excited for you both as you prepare for the next leg of the journey. I can't wait to read all about it! Love to you both!


Indian Lake Papa and Mama said...

God's Speed as you travel. Watch for those "Divine Appointments"' He will have for you as you travel.

God Bless!

Indian Lake Papa & Mama

hajo said...

Hi guys, pls put us on your "visiting friends" list in Bangkok. We will be there until the 10th of May, just drop us an email and we can sort something out: rockthecasbah(guess what sign)
We just had a really good week in Kuala Lumpur. See you soon!

dancanrun77 said...

Safe travels to you both! Stay away from the bird's nest soup! I'm enjoying reading your updates - you two are amazing!

TusaRebecca said...

Jake (and the cute girl often seen beside you)!

It's your long lost friend, TusaRebecca. You like sounds like such a wonderful adventure. Good to know you're out doing what you do best. Email me sometime if you have a minute.

Erin said...

You're presence and wonderful energy & hearts are missed here at the Ashram, but I know that it was time for you to journey onwards! God surely does prepare the way... Lots of love.