Monday, July 24, 2006

Friends & Family -

We cannot express our thanks for your support and attendance to our wedding... as soon as we have more time we will begin posting pictures... if anyone has any on-line feel free to leave a link in the comments section...

What an amazing day it was! (Jake says that's stating the obvious - I say Yes, PLEASE!)

Honeymoons are F-U-N...

Enjoying the gift of our parents cabin...

Making our way up to the U.P.

Next stop = CHICAGO!

We love being married (another "stating the obvious" comment)

love - Jake and Jess DeBoni


Anonymous said...

Hey Guys,

I'm so excited for both of you and can hardly wait to see the pictures. Looking forward to seeing you in September.

Love ya,


Anonymous said...

Here is a link to pictures from the wedding.


mindy said...

Awe, Jess, you need to check your voicemail and call whenever you have some free time before you move. Trisha and I miss you already. P.S. I have checked this site like three times since the wedding already...I think I'm a stalker. LOL! I'm going to check out Jenny's link to pics.

mindy said...

OK, so I miss you already and you aren't even gone yet! does Trisha (to state the obvious). LOL. I think I might go to Barnes and Noble and pretend you are there sometimes. Oh, and I'm a stalker of this website. For real, I've visited like three times already. LOL. I'm going to check out Jenny's pictures. Can't wait to be married too someday. Awe, I'm so peacefully happy for you in a totally energized way.

mai said...

ok. so i am so sad that I could not make it to the wedding! when are you guys coming out west?! because you guys will so get a pie when you get here.

love you jess! and looking forward to meeting you, jake!

(and don't forget the little people who got you there...hehe)

Anonymous said...

Your wedding was GREAT! Such a good feeling to be there! Jessica, we bought two of your necklaces for Natalya. She left one at the cottage to whear down there and wears the other one EVERY day!

Love to you both!
Chuck & Kaye

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jenny! That was sweet of you to post the link to the pictures!


mindy said...

You guys need to have e-mail in your profile. I'm stoked Jenny posted pics already...I got to see your wedding! Totally worth a 9 hour trip (including the drive home which took the normal 2.5) I miss you guys already! And...I'm a stalker of this website, I had checked twice before any post was up. LOL. Maybe that just makes me a big looser? I'm okay with it either way. MWAH! Love, smiles and blessings be with you always,

mindy said...

So glad Jenny posted pics I was stalking this site to find some and then it worked out. I think you need to and an e-mail link to your profile. I miss you and would like that. Smiles, blessings and hugs so hard they hurt.

Anonymous said...

J & J,

You ROCK!!!! Your wedding was a lot of fun and so you!!! I hope you have fun, be safe and drink as much water now as you know what water in INDIA is like right???????

R and R and Grace too