Saturday, June 10, 2006

For those of you first time visitors, welcome. For the first few weeks this blog will simply act as an information forum for the wedding celebration of Jake and Jessica. After that it will serve as our travel and photo blog for the next 2 or so years of world exploration.

Saturday, July 22nd, 2006.

Mount Pleasant, MI Map; Elkhart, IN to Mount Pleasant, MI Map


Ron and Marilyn said...

Hey Jessica,
Nice site!! Ron and I will be checking in to see your
exciting life develop!
I am so glad the Lord had us meet it's all in a plan!
So happy for you! God Bless you both in this great adventure called LIFE!!"He came to give us life and life more ABUNDANTLY!!"
Your Cracker Barrell friends
Ron + Marilyn

Ron and Marilyn said...

Hope you get your email address on this blog too.
I would like to email you
good things!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jake, Well! It's was such a surprise. Congratulations! I wish you the best in your married life. As always, you can check with me about whatever information you need for your travel to Morocco. Make sure you keep me posted. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jessica,
As you are aware, you have a special place in our hearts. It has truly been a blessing getting to know you and sharing our stories from time to time. Susan and I wish you and Jake the HAPPIEST future in sharing your lives and know that you will be well blessed in your commitment.
May God watch over you in your journeys.
Larry and Susan Shroyer

mai said...

oh I'm so excited. I wish I could come to the wedding...but i'm looking forward to seeing you guys somewhere on your amazing road trip!

oh yeah. check this out. a blast from the oh so great past.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jessica (and Jake),

I'm so incredibly excited for you and the adventurous journey you are about to begin. You and Jake are going to make a amazing team and I KNOW GOD is going to do the miraculous through your lives because you are both completely committed to HIM and to each other.

I am currently reading “Fresh Wind” by Jim Cymbala and a story mentioned a couple getting married and instead of saying “I do.” during their vows they said, “I will with the help of God.” All marriages have trials and temptations (those can be as small as thinking of yourself instead of your spouse), but by focusing on God as the center of your relationship you and Jake will make it through victoriously.

I’m rooting for and praying for you both! You are a treasured friend!



P.S. Brianna and Joshua say hello!

Lynn Baker said...

Having a website is perfect- thanks for including us. The darling picture of the two of you brings tears of joy to my eyes. We praise the Lord with you for bringing you together and seeing the ministry opportunities now double. We can't wait for your trip to bring you to beautiful Montana- and to see us. We are busy looking for the perfect romantic honeymoon cabin for you....
You are like a daughter to us Jessica and Jake I'm so glad I met you in Februaury. I know you've found a treasure in Jessica and she in you.
Praying for you.
Lynn and your old pastor Ben.

Mandy said...

Jessica...How fun!
What a great idea to have a online "diary" so us land lovers can keep track of you while you travel the world...I'll be able to live vicariously through you after all!
I'm plugging this website into my favorites as we speak. (well, I mean as I write)
Anywho..I have some wonderful exciting news about your wedding...(that's right, I have news for you!) I'm so excited to tell you...I'm just bursting!
Okay, that's it, I'm off to write you a nice long, "call me" email...You should be recieving it very soon...
Love you! (and Jake, it's a pleasure to meet you!)

Jake and Jessica said...
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Anonymous said...

We love you! Mom and Dad

mindy said...

JJ (I figure the two are becoming one),
I'm glad that you are having this place in the world that will be constant for those of us in your lives that won't be galivanting around the world for the next few years with you. I was just telling Jessica last night that I'm really going to miss her. I am a little bit selfishly sad over the move to another continent, however I see the greater good that will come of it all. You two crazy cats are in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jess & Jake,
I can't wait to see you tomorrow.I'll look for the pink tie! Our prayers are with ya..